20 in Floods
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Dylan's bad at comforting. anyone know why he's googling that?


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"Then we can just...
hang out and have a good time. We'll go explore the world, backpacking or something, on our own, so nobody's there to remind me I don't bloody exist.
It's gonna be good."


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Seems like so far on Tapas people think he's trying to find a way to escape or just ignoring Jerry or something :')

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Aaaaah that’s why?? I didn’t think this page could get MORE emotional

25th May 2019, 10:07 PM edit | delete | reply

I really really hope this is the reason. It would be so sweet.

25th May 2019, 6:02 PM edit | delete | reply

Thank you moth, for these tears in my eyes :’)

So much ouch. Jerry’s dialogue in the bottom half of the page hits like ten consecutive punches to the gut. It really shows how scared and cornered and distressed about all of this he is and drives it home hard. Damn, that’s sad. And then the range of emotions we get to see from Dylan, from that fear and grief to complete suppression and then trying to be a brother again - it’s wild but you’ve made it believable. This is a good update, strong 10/10, gotta go pick up the pieces of my heart off the floor

25th May 2019, 7:50 PM edit | delete | reply

Thinking about the future must be rough for Jerry, he's just finding it hard to keep it together right now, I'm sure he'll be fiiine : )

Thank you! This is honestly a scene I spent a lot of time thinking about before, writing loads and cutting loads out to try and get juuuust the right amount of sad

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